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Incredible 2 movie characters African American version music cot mobile

Incredible 2 movie characters African American version customized as per the customer request. This design speicialy done from the sketch and product comout out beautifully. Seno and Sanu Creations is a online shop for unique and handmade felt Busy books, nursery decor such as music Cot mobile, felt Wall hanging, name nbanners , birthday decor, infant visual stimulation […]

When to Teach What: A guide for teaching your toddler colors, shapes, letters, and more…

General guidelines of when (and a little bit on how) to teach colors, shapes, letters, numbers, nursery rhymes, songs, and sensory activities. This not fit for each and every child. However, you may get an idea when, and what to teach to your beloved kids. Colors 18 months is the generally accepted age for teaching […]

Name banner and wall decor customized to order

Felt name banner and wall decor customized for as per the request of the customer and the feedback is amazing. LaRa Sendanayake Thank you #SenoandSanuCreationsFor these. ?They were beyond expectations! Beyond just simply beautiful..? Colourful, catchy, safe and exciting ..Me and Poorna Kumarana Hettiarachchi are simply awed by them and in love with these.?Not to forget the remarkable service of […]

What is a Quiet Book ?

What is a Quiet Book and Why Every Baby & Toddler Should Have One The quiet book (also known as a busy book), is a great resource to have at your fingertips to keep your child engaged and focused on specific skills. These books can be catered to your child’s skill level and interests, and […]