What is a Quiet Book ?

What is a Quiet Book and Why Every Baby & Toddler Should Have One

The quiet book (also known as a busy book), is a great resource to have at your fingertips to keep your child engaged and focused on specific skills. These books can be catered to your child’s skill level and interests, and make for a great DIY project for parents. If you choose to create your own quiet book, the book pages can be simple and to the point, or intricate with lots of detail (depending on your crafting skills and available time).

What is it?

The quiet book is quite literally – quiet. It is a book that is made of fabric (typically felt). Each page is focused on a different skill. They are colorful, provide a new platform for learning, and inspire independent play and creativity. These books are great for travel or moments when you might need to keep your child occupied and quiet/focused.

What age(s) is this book appropriate for?

This book is actually great for children of all ages, but is best geared towards children 1-5 years old. The possibilities for page ideas are endless. If you can think it up, it can be created. Here are some of the more popular pages that are included in the typical book:

  • Color identification/matching
  • Shape identification/matching
  • Using snaps, buttons, buckles and zippers
  • Matching and sorting activities
  • Spelling words
  • Counting
  • Nature/Animal exploration (picking apples, fishing, seasons )
  • Games (tic tac toe, checkers, memory)